Safe disinfection of pool water
Your pure clean pool without chlorine and bacteria
Nanosilver and copper complex for perfectly clean water.
Leave the pool chlorination in the past
It causes an allergic reaction
Has a pungent odor
Causes skin irritation
It changes to another product in EU and US
Chlorine is known for its toxic properties. So, it may cause an allergic symptom.
The skin contact with chlorine products leads to dermatitis with burning and itching feeling.
Under normal conditions chlorine is a poisonous gas of yellowish-green color, heavier than air with a pungent odor.
It changes to another safe disinfectants because of high toxicity and adaptation of microorganisms to chlorine.
Try to use nanosilver –
the newest certified water treatment technology.
It destroys up to 95% of bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Prevents the algae formation and flowering the pool.
You can use pool right after treating.
Nanosilver is a strong antibacterial agent with a confirmed effect.
Copper – is an algaecide which used for killing algae.
It is noncorrosive and doesn't damage the pool equipment.
Doesn't cause an allergic reaction, has a powerful effect at the minimum concentration.
Easily to switch from chlorine!
For all types of private and professional pools
Environmentally safe
Ideally for kids
Safe for animals
Effectively disinfects at a temperature of t > + 40 °
No odor
Compare the cost of disinfection by different means*
*for about 20 m2 pool, 12 weeks season.
Active oxygen
Guanidine compounds
Nanosilver complex
2600 UAH
4000 UAH
5600 UAH
2400 UAH
We haven't convinced you?
We usually use this product to treat our frame pool. It is effective and very easy to use. And the most important – it is chlorine-free.
Bohdan Ripka
We decided to change chlorine into another product because of our kids. And we've found it. Satisfied of been using it for two years.
Hanna Kravchenko
I have been using the chlorine and pool water softener for 5 years. There is no any odor and skin irritation. It's a great product for me, as a mom!
Olena Sopruzhynska
I usually have an allergic reaction while visiting the pool. I've heard about this product at SPA. Now I'm using it in my pool.
Victoriia Shvets
How to use?
Add the complex each 2 weeks in accordance with the instruction.
Increase the dosage in case of active use.
Add the complex when its hot or when it rains.
Make everything easy, with smile enjoying the process.
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The olympic and inflatable pools are disinfected by our products
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Safe disinfection of pool water